Operations Worker III

Job Summary
This position is accountable for all operations related to the production of fuel ethanol, including cook, fermentation, distillation and evaporation, energy center, DCS, as well and ethanol handling and storage.
Job Parameters
This position reports to the Production Manager.
Due to the scale and scope of the operation, operations workers at the facility will perform a variety of operational duties. An understanding of operating materials, components, equipment, testing and services required for the production of ethanol, as well as plant policies and procedures is essential. The incumbent is primarily responsible for:
Cross training - 4 work areas- Cook, Distillation & Evaporation, Energy Center (Thermal Oxidizer, Dryers, Centrifuges, Water Treatment, Methanator), DCS
Following all testing procedures for the plant and accurately record results as set forth in the policies and procedures, as well as the log sheet.
Gain knowledge of the lab equipment used for testing (i.e. microscopes, HPLC Titration equipment, hydrometer, oven, experimentation protocol, etc.)
Maintaining a thorough understanding of all hazardous materials and conditions, and follow all safety procedures.
Performing ethanol loadout as required.
Unloading input materials as needed using the material handling equipment available (i.e. forklift, front end loader, etc) after training must be able to pass the test to be licensed by The Andersons to operate the material handling equipment.
Assisting with sampling process as required.
All personnel are required to adhere to the established attendance standards and gain an understanding of The Statement of Principles.
Maintaining current and in-depth knowledge of all safety policies and standards related to this position. Safety meeting attendance and pro-active incident reporting/identification is expected of all on-site personnel. To achieve full integration of safety into the culture, the incumbent will be expected to actively participate in safety training and any other safety related activities.
At this level, the incumbent is expected to work competently in three of the four work areas of the ethanol plant.
Human Relations
Good interpersonal skills are required to work effectively and safely with other personnel within the plant.
Instructions Received
The incumbent will primarily receive oral instructions from the Shift Supervisor, while also having access to specific written policies and procedures for plant operations. Due to the changing nature of daily activities, the incumbent may also receive instructions from the Ethanol Director of Operations, Plant Manager, Production Manager, Maintenance Manager, Grain Facility Manager, Safety, Compliance and Laboratory Manager and/or the Safety, Compliance and Laboratory Administrator.
Working Conditions
Ethanol production is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation and as such, requires operations staff to work 12 hour shifts. The incumbent may work days while being trained but will be move to night shift per management's discretion.
The incumbent works in an environment subject to heat, cold, dust, noise, and materials, which are potentially hazardous. Therefore the incumbent must be knowledgeable and proficient in the handling of hazardous materials and knowledgeable of the safety procedures and equipment necessary for personal protection. The incumbent must lift 50-100 pounds frequently and must be aware of the danger from working at heights.
The knowledge and skill needed to perform this position effectively is typically acquired through the completion a high school diploma or its equivalent. Previous production experience preferred. The incumbent must possess good computer skills.
Principal Accountabilities
The following accountabilities are to be carried out in a manner consistent with the spirit and philosophy outlined in The Andersons' Statement of Principles:
Perform all duties in accordance with Corporate, Division, and Location Safety policies and procedures. Participate in location and divisional safety efforts to help ensure the work environment of self and co-workers is free from safety hazards.
Cross train across all functions of the process. Includes but is not limited to Cook, Distillation & Evaporation, Energy Center (Thermal Oxidizer, Dryers, Water Treatment, Methanator) and the DCS (running the board). Operators must work competently in three of the four work areas.
Follow process testing procedures to ensure process is running efficiently and within the established parameters. Accurately record results as set forth in the policies and procedures, as well as the log sheet. Operators will share testing results with Shift Supervisor.
Gain knowledge of lab equipment needed for testing including but not limited to microscopes, HPLC, hydrometers, oven, centrifuge, titration equipment, lab scale experimentation protocol and equipment.
Perform equipment spot checks as required by the Shift Supervisor.
Maintain a thorough understanding of the ethanol production process, especially all hazardous materials and conditions.
Perform ethanol loadout as required.
Unload input materials (enzymes, chemicals -including sulfuric acid and caustic, yeast, urea, etc.) as required.
Develop a complete understanding of all production equipment, including start up, shut down and all other related procedures. After training must be able to pass the test(s) given by The Andersons to operate material handling equipment at the facility.
Assist with sampling process as required.
Perform operational cleaning procedures as required.
Maintain an open and candid relationship with all ethanol operations management to ensure all matters of mutual concern can be discussed freely.

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